Terms and Conditions

Travel conditions are in accordance with the Norwegian Package Travel Act, valid from July 1, 2018.

Upon registration, the terms and conditions mentioned below are accepted.

Registration must be in writing via the registration form or on our website www.maikkitours.no

Registration form can be scanned and sent by email to info@maikkitours.no or by mail to


Everyone will benefit from enrolling as early as possible within the applicable deadlines.  Later registration we will try to follow up as good as possible but please contact us directly to check if there are vacancies left. The registration deadline is no later than 8 weeks before the trip start.



  1. The price of the package trip stated is a total price for the journey as described in the program. The price includes all taxes, transport, accommodation and excursions. In addition, the price also includes several meals. This is specified for each day in the program.
  2. What is not included in the price are meals that are not specified in the program, fee for flight over the Nazca lines, tips etc.  Also see overview for each trip.
  3. The price is for group tours with min. 10 and max. 20 participants.


Price Changes

  1. Please note that the price may change, but only as a result of increased transportation costs, major currency changes or increased taxes and fees that we cannot control.
  2. A possible price change will be actual increased costs plus an administrative fee corresponding to 10% of the price increase.
  3. An increase in the price will be notified in writing no later than 20 days before the journey begins.
  4. In the event of a price increase, the calculation for the increase will be stated on request.
  5. Small insignificant changes to the program may occur without change in price.
  6. In the event of a price increase of more than 8%, the participant may choose to cancel the trip or accept the price increase. This must be done as soon as possible and no later than 1 week after it was informed of the increase. This must be done in writing.

Payment Terms

  1. When we receive the registration, we charge a deposit depending on the total price of the tour.  When payment of the deposit is registered, we will send confirmation of registration and payment of deposit together with practical information and a detailed program for the entire trip.
  2. Payment of the remaining total price must be made no later than 7 weeks before departure.
  3. Payment can be made by bank transfer per invoice, Pay Pal or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  4. When payment for the entire journey is registered, we send travel documents no later than 2 weeks before departure, and for those who live in the Bergen area, we also offer an information meeting before the trip at no extra cost. For other places in the country we can offer the same if there are enough participants who will attend.


Transfer of the Package Travel Contract

  1. If, for any reason, one wishes to withdraw from the trip by transferring the contract to another person, the person taking over the contract must fulfill all the terms of the agreement in the same way as the transferor.  This can only be done after written notice and no later than 7 days before the journey begins.
  2. In the event of such a change, both the transferor and the person taking over the cotract will be responsible for any additional costs that this may entail. Typically, this can be airline fees for changing name, additional fees, etc.
  3. Documentation of any additional costs will be made available to the transferor (person not traveling).



  1. The voyage can be canceled if, at the destination or in the immediate vicinity of the destination, prior to the voyage has broken out so-called inevitable and extraordinary circumstances such as war acts, natural disasters, dangerous contagious diseases or other events of similar character, and there are reasonable grounds for believing that these conditions will also apply when the journey is to take place. In case of cancellation because of the reasons mentioned above, the amount paid will be refunded. The trip cannot be canceled by the aforementioned reasons if the event invoked as a reason for the cancellation was or should have been known before booking.
  2. Cancellation for other reasons than mentioned above more than 50 days before the trip starts, a fee equal to the deposit of 20% of the package price is payable. Due to limited cancellation right to subcontractor, the payable conditions apply:
    – 50% of the travel price is to be payed if canceled 49-30 days before departure.
    – The full price of the trip is to be payed if canceled later than 30 days before departure.
  3. The entire trip price must also be paid if one does not show up on departure or is prevented from traveling due to lack of travel documentation.
  4. We do not offer cancellation protection since this is usually included in the travel insurance. Therefore, please check the terms for this with your insurance company.


Canceling the journey

  1. We reserve the right to cancel the voyage if the number of attendees is less than 10. If this happens, any amount already paid will be refunded in full to the participants. The deadline for canceling a trip is no later than 20 days before departure, except for inevitable and extraordinary circumstances (eg. political unrest, natural disasters, etc.). In such cases, the trip can be canceled until the day of departure. In such cases, any costs that we cannot be refunded from our subcontractors (eg air tickets) will be deducted from the amount that is refunded. Documentation of these costs will be provided to the participants upon request. Please note that cancellation protection will usually cover such cases.


Insurance and passport

  1. All participants on our trips must have a valid travel insurance before departure. This must, as a minimum, cover disease treatment and repatriation.
  2. A valid passport is required when traveling to Peru. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after leaving Peru.
  3. There are no requirements for visas for Norwegian citizens in Peru for journeys less than 90 days. For stays in Peru for more than 90 days you must pay a fee per person for each day more than 90 days when leaving the country.


Other Conditions

    1. In case of registered registration, we will provide contact no. which the participants can call or send SMS to during the actual trip in Peru if something extraordinary or in case of emergency. If desired, we can also accept contact no. for relatives of the participants on the journey (next of kin).
    2. Parts of the trip will require a certain physical form, i.e. one must be able to walk for a longer mountain hike without too much effort. If you are in doubt as to whether you can make such a journey for health reasons, we recommend contacting your doctor for advice before booking. This is especially important if you have heart problems, high blood pressure or other conditions/diseases that can cause problems due to the altitude in the Andes. Please note that we can make arrangements to avoid the hardest excursions. Please contact us to discuss this further.
    3. We have a good network of doctors and pharmacies in the places we visit and can assist during the journey.
    4. Vaccination: In the jungle where we travel, it is considered a non-malaria area, but we recommend anyone who will travel to contact your doctor or public health authorities for advice on this. The link below may help in such questions (in norwegian):
    5. Travel registration: You can register your journey at https://www.reiseregistrering.no/ if you wish. This is a voluntary arrangement by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and apply only to Norwegian citizens. For other countries, please check your home country arrangements.
    6. If, upon arrival after a flight, one detects damage to the luggage, it must be reported to the airline at the airport immediately after the damage is discovered. The same applies if the luggage has not arrived. A copy of the damage report you get at the airport must be taken care of as it may be required in connection with insurance settlement. We will assist as much as we can in such cases.

In general, if you discover any defects which you wants to complain about, this must immediately be reported to Maikki Tours.

Maikki Tours Norway reserves the right that information may be changed before the agreement is entered into.

Otherwise, we refer to https://lovdata.no/dokument/NL/lov/2018-06-15-32