Who are we?

Maikki Tours is a company who specializes in tours between Norway and Peru. With a strong connection to both countries, we have gained a long experience in designing all type of tours for norwegians to the homeland of the Inkas. We are situated in Bergen, Norway, but we have customers throughout of Norway.

We can arrange tailormade travels for companies, public organizations or any other groups, from individuals to large groups and anything in between. Do you wish to travel on your own? With our local connections and knowledge of Peru we can offer assistance and guidance of any magnitude. Contact us for further information.

We have a strong understanding of the Latin-American culture in general and Peruvian culture in particular. We can make your journey easier by helping you understand the social codes and can pinpoint the cultural differences. To understand the culture is therefore central in our work.

Our employees are highly qualified persons in languages, culture and travel. Our main tour leader is highly qualified within language and understanding the culture. She has a broad experience as tour leader and not least, she engages highly in her work.

Why choose us?

We are operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, we take care of you as well as the local people.

We use extensive air transport to avoid long and tiring bus travel.

Our tour leader is highly qualified within language (four languages fluent) and cultural knowledge.

Our Peruvian and Norwegian background has opened doors to the local communities in Peru.

Exceptional service and reliability are part of our nature, both as travel managers from Norway, and our local staff in Peru.

We can also offer Spanish courses and local history lectures for Peru to all customers in the Bergen region prior to the tour. If sufficient number of customers from other areas in Norway, we can come and arrange the same there.

Meet your tour guide

Rita Castro Hauge

I am the Manager of Maikki Tours.  I was born in Peru and moved to Europe when I was a child. First, I lived in England for some years before I moved with my family to Africa for a couple of years. Already as a teenager I developed a passion for travelling and experience other cultures.  I finally came to Norway when I was 19 where I met my husband.  I have lived in Norway since 1986 with my husband and five children where only the youngest one is still living home.

In 2001 I started a company where I held Spanish courses at different levels and organized trips to Peru, Mexico and Cuba.  My big passion is showing other people the beauty, the cultural richness and the diversity of Latin-America and specially my own country Peru.  Each trip with a group has been a special adventure and an unforgettable story.

During ten exciting and rich years I had the privilege of running my own company.  Unfortunately, I had to stop due to personal reasons for some years.  Now I am ready to pick up where I left and start to organize trips where we will start with Peru.

I am now 52 years old.  I am described by others as a warm, open and very responsible person, while being very positive and gentle but mainly a strong person that finds solutions and can face challenges that may appear on the way.  My main concern in my work is to give good service to every one of my clients.

I have a Master degree in Latin American studies at the University in Bergen.  My native language is Spanish and I speak fluent French, English and of course Norwegian. Apart from Latin American studies I have studied History and the History of Religion.  In addition to my academic achievements I have many years’ experience as Tour leader, which has given me the right qualifications to organize cultural trips and work as a Tour Leader.

Looking forward to meet you in Peru!