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NB. Updated information regarding Covid-19 status as per 21st September 2020:

As mentioned earlier, we have canceled all group trips to Peru this year, and thus please disregard all dates noted on the various tours. As the situation has developed, we know it was the right choice. Peru is one of the countries in the world that has been hardest hit by Covid-19, and although it is possible to fly to Peru, infection control is still so poor that it would be irresponsible to arrange trips there now. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel advice for Peru can be found here (only in norwegian): https://www.regjeringen.no/no/tema/utenrikssaker/reiseinformasjon/velg-land/reiseinfo_peru/id2414760/

However, we notice that Covid-19 infection and death rates are decreasing in Peru and thus the future looks brighter than only a short time ago. We plan to arrange trips from the summer of 2021 if circumstances allow. A lot has happened since March, and we are optimistic and believe that the Covid-19 situation will be very different next year.


We are operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, we take care of you as well as the local people. Our Peruvian and Norwegian background has opened doors to the local communities in Peru.

Group Tours

Cultural Roundtrip Peru

FromNOK 39,500
19 Days
This is our big trip this year where our main tour leader Rita Hauge will be with you on the whole roundtrip in Peru. She speaks four languages, including Norwegian and Spanish, and will be a good link between you and those you meet on this wonderful journey. Of course, the tour goes to Cusco, […]

Magical Peru

FromNOK 21,500
14 Days
Peru is magical. Why? Because magic is something out of the ordinary, it is surprising, it is fascinating, you ask if this is possible, can it be true. You enjoy it and you will never forget it. Guaranteed. Keywords: Amazon jungle, the Andes with the Inca trail and Machu Picchu, floating reed islands on Lake […]

Traditional Peru

FromNOK 18,500
12 Days
This tour takes you to the most famous and interesting places in Peru. This includes the Inca capital of  Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and Lima. Although the trip is only 12 days, you will have the best experiences Peru and the Andes have to offer. It's the same trip as "Magical […]
We visit and check thoroughly all our destinations in advance.

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Are you looking for a trip with purpose?
Spanish school and volunteering program

Our partner in Cusco has designed a new way to travel. Travel with a purpose! You will be able to work in a project that benefits communities in Cusco and around it. This can be your contribution to create a sustainable society.

The trip to Peru is by far our great travel experience, and once again we wish to thank Rita and all her crew for a great program and the best boarding. The service was flawless 24/7, but the personal thought and care which met us made the biggest impression.

Sigrid and Konrad

Feels like we have travelled a continent, but the tickets only show Peru and so does my wallet. I have got good value for money, and this is not always the case after a vacation. I have got the taste for South America, but glad I visited Peru first, and I want to come back. Rita, thank you for making the roundtrip in Peru an experience for life.

Karsten Vetås

I would say it is the most eventful and greatest tour I have ever been to (I have been to Vietnam, Africa and China and many countries in Europe). It was also nice to see how people lived and worked. I also appreciated to eat lunch with the locals some places.